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Feedback on the Sweden Project

Hi Margot,

Always happy to provide feedback!

Simply put, great year!  As always, your action orientation came through very strongly in this project particularly as it related to executing the staffing process.  You built very effective collaborations with recruitment partners, and because of this, the overall staffing plan was achieved, in some cases ahead of plan.

You have also been very agile and flexible in your support as we built the HR function.  You jumped in to address several complex commuting arrangements and more recently your support as the Project Management needed to take time showed your strength in advocating for employees and doing the right thing.

You also demonstrated great composure as we managed through some key challenges related to the operating model.  In these instances, you pulled the site lead, myself, or others in as needed for support and this was really important given the sensitivity around the operating model.  You were willing to take tough stands in challenging circumstances and this is a critical skill set for any HR professional. I acknowledge this is a very difficult balancing act and in the end the business outcomes were achieved with minimal distraction/disruption.

Finally, you have been a thoughtful and considerate support to the new HR Business Partner in Sweden as she onboards and it is clear that she has benefitted greatly from your presence, experience and expertise.

As I hope you already know, I have great respect for you and sincerely appreciate the work you’ve done this year.  I will miss you as you go on to your next adventure!


Elizabete Terminella
Vice President Human Resources