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Expert in advising and mediating with HR problems.

Margot Freericks

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Every new contact starts with an HR Screening. During the HR Screening I will review your personnel files and afterwards I will clearly indicate what needs to be adjusted right now and what can be adjusted later. Then the choice is yours: will you take the action or do you outsource this to me: your permanent HR sparring partner.

About Margot

Margot Freericks
Margot Freericks is an expert in advising and mediating with HR problems. With Freericks HR Services she is offering her services via subscriptions. You can contact Margot when you need knowledgeable HR advice or when you need sparring about your organisation. Based on years of experience at multinationals and SMEs she has now changed her focus to the entrepreneur with a maximum of 50 employees.

Customer experiences

End of last year I decided to move my personnel to a payrolling company. I had excellent advice from Margot of Freericks HR Services. What we could not predict at that time was the shutdown of my business due to Covid-19. And at such a time you truly get to know each other. View full review
Ber Thomas-Moolenaar PartyRent Almere
Switch off emotions and switch to Freericks HR Services Where every I go and whom ever I talk to, anyone who has dealt with Freericks HR Services indicates to be very pleased with her work. She is well informed on the latest developments and gives appropriate advice. View full review
Johan Veenstra Maya Schoonmaakbedrijf
Margot has a pleasant personality to work with. She gives advise tailored advice and thinks along to determine what the personnel business operation needs. With that she has made a number of good improvements in the business operation of De Ster. View full review
Ans Appelman De Ster Kindercentrum
Margot has an enthousiastic personality and is a committed and professional HR partner. She was a member of the MT and gave excellent support to the MT. Margot’s positive attitude, coaching skills and supportive attitude made is time and time again a pleasure to work with her. I can absolutely recommend her. View full review
Malin Claesson AstraZeneca Sweden
As a small startup we do not have our own HR department, in spite of the fact that employees working in the organisation can make or break this company. I really am very happy I can reach out to Margot concerning important HR issues. She has been my source of information when hiring employees and reviewing employees within our team. View full review
Francien Mels MSc CardiacBooster
Before we started working with Freericks HR Services we mainly talked to our bookkeeper, who could support the financial and administrative side of HR. For additional information which was more about contracts and the ‘soft’ side of having and supporting personnel we reached out to a P&O Specialist who mainly worked for large organizations. View full review
Wilmar de Boer Beeldvoerders

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