About Freericks HR Services

Expert in advising and mediating with HR problems

About Freericks HR Services

Margot Freericks is an expert in advising and mediating with HR problems. With Freericks HR Services she is offering her services via subscriptions. You can contact Margot when you need knowledgeable HR advice or when you need sparring about your organisation. Based on years of experience at multinationals and SMEs she has now changed her focus to the entrepreneur with a maximum of 50 employees.

Margot Freericks

About Margot Freericks

Margot is a connecting professional with a passion for Human Resources and labor law. Based on years of experience within multinationals she took the step to start her own organisation as HR specialist to unburden SMEs.

About Freericks HR Services

From a passion for labor law and experiences in multinationals Freericks HR Services was created to give service specifically to SMEs with 1 to 50 employees.

My realization is that there are many entrepreneurs with a great business offer and a successful organisation and therefor they hired employees. These entrepreneurs struggle daily to meet all legislation and regulations from government and social partners. Specifically for this group of entrepreneurs Freericks HR Services has created the offer, to support them with the hassle around personnel.

Freericks HR Services

Personnel … a lot of hassle?

Did you lose sight on who is on which labor contract at this time? Do you often doubt which agreements you made with your employee? Then I offer you the opportunity to put your HR tasks with me. Your permanent HR sparring partner against a fixed price per month and always available.

During the HR Screening I will review your personnel files and will be able to clearly indicate what needs to be adjusted right now and what can be adjusted later. Then the choice is yours: will you take the action or do you outsource this to me: your permanent HR sparring partner.