Before we started working with Freericks HR Services we mainly talked to our bookkeeper, who could support the financial and administrative side of HR. For additional information which was more about contracts and the ‘soft’ side of having and supporting personnel we reached out to a P&O Specialist who mainly worked for large organizations. An acquaintance of our partners. She enjoyed supporting us, but had limited time to offer. It was no structural solution.

The current cooperation I experience as pleasant, low threshold and knowledgeable. Good explanations. Good accessibility. The cooperation has given us a good zero measurement of the HR situation. The extension of my knowledge regarding HR and a sense of backup where needed.

I advise this support to all organisation, who are not big enough to have an HR department, or are just starting to hire personnel or are not big enough yet to hire an HR person.

For entrepreneurs who doe not have HR support yet, my advice is: do not try to find it all out on your own. Instead call Margot.

Wilmar de Boer