Maya Schoonmaakbedrijf

Switch off emotions and switch to Freericks HR Services

Where every I go and whom ever I talk to, anyone who has dealt with Freericks HR Services indicates to be very pleased with her work. She is well informed on the latest developments and gives appropriate advice.

When the government decided that child care locations had to close, one of my employees indicated she was no longer able to come to work. When asked if she could make arrangements to work on another day or execute part of the work the consistent answer was: ‘no’. Because I had no idea what to do with this and I was not sure what I was allowed to demand in such a situation I contacted Margot. She inventoried the situation and gave me useful advice that I could get to work with. Based on the advice by Margot I could talk to my employee and explain her responsibilities. Then my employee was able to make arrangements which allowed her to come to work.

Thanks to Freericks HR Services a situation that seemed to get out of hand was solved and the working relationship between employer and employee was recovered. I recommend Freericks HR Services to everyone!

Johan Veenstra