PartyRent Almere

End of last year I decided to move my personnel to a payrolling company. I had excellent advice from Margot of Freericks HR Services. What we could not predict at that time was the shutdown of my business due to Covid-19.

And at such a time you truly get to know each other. The payrolling company did not cooperate and think along with me. I had a year contract and they were keeping me to this. And they were not about to use the NOW regulation.

Margot offered her help. She immediately got going, contacted the payrolling company directly and came with a solution that pleased my personnel and got me out of the contract with the payrolling company.

Thank you Margot for your effort and support. In these situations Margot shows once again what her strength is, therefore I can truly recommend Margot.

Ber Thomas-Moolenaar