At location your full personnel file is reviewed. Based on an HR Screening tool all elements are discussed including what you already arranged with regard to fringe benefits, insurances, etc.

Then I will leave the location and will start for you to analyze this information. It will become clear which issues need to be picked up immediately and which can be addressed later in time.

About these finding you receive from me a report. This report contains an advice to pick up important issues, gives a solid insight regarding your personnel file and offers a handle how you can address HR issues from then forward.


Base package

The Base package gives you unlimited HR advice by phone against a fixed amount per month. This here about questions of employees in the HR area. Your answer can be: ‘good question, I will get back to you on that’, next thing you reach out to me and you will be able to give an answer of which you know it is correct. Often you have my answer the same day and you will be able to get back to your employee quickly.

And when you are considering developments within your organisation. Of when you want to make a change within your organisation. Pick up the phone and I am your HR sparring partner. From my experience with multinationals and SMEs I have seen quite a few different ways to get something done. And from my business network I can also introduce you to other specialists for specific issues and ideas.

HR expert

Medium package

The Medium package contains everything of the Base package.

On top of that you get good templates for the various steps within HR: onboarding – growing – offboarding.

And of course you can count on my advice in this ever changing world of labor law: asked and unasked.

HR Expert

High End package

The High End package contains everything of the Base package and parts of the Medium package.

I do not deliver templates, instead filled in documents ready for use when you chose this package.

Next to the above I offer you support with:

  • Searching & Selecting new hires
  • Onboarding & Offboarding
  • Ambition conversations

And I can be your contact person for the arbo agency. When you have an employee on long illness leave, it consumes a lot of time keeping in touch with arbo agency and the re-integration of your employee. While your focus should be on your product of service and naturally your employees and customers.

Human Resource Management HR Problemen