About HR Services

Freericks HR Services has years of experience in the field of Human Resources, both in Dutch and international organisations, in the US and Sweden. Margot Freericks is an expert in advising and mediating on HR problems. With Freericks HR Services, Margot offers her expertise on freelance basis. Margot can provide allround HR support in recruiting, consulting or providing temporary cover.

HR Consulting

In many situations Freericks HR Services could provide assistance. If your organisation has no HR staff, or could use external support, Margot Freericks can fill in this role.

For example: Your organisation runs into a new situation, such as setting up a Works Council or the need to develop new HR procedures, or you are about to end an employment contract for the first time. Mrs. Freericks can step in and guide you through this challenge.


If you need to develop a new department, facility or business and have to recruit a broad spectrum of employees, Margot can help you with hiring manager(s) and/or employees to ensure you build a team fitting your current and future purposes. Taking into account the current and future state of your organisation, Margot will help you build a team with the potential to continue to grow and improve.

Temporary Cover

Is your HR manager away for a longer period of time due to sabbatical, long term illness or maternity/ parental leave, whilst the organisation and/or the team will need support during the absence? Get Margot on board for the expected time of absence and ensure the continuity of your organisation with the expertise of Freericks HR Services.